Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall is Here

What a day we had yesterday.  Lance asked us the day before if we wanted to drive with him to Thatcher where he needed to bid and look at a couple jobs and then on the way home stop in Wilcox at Apple Annie's.  I don't love getting up early, but I love to see how excited the boys get when we wake them up before the sun comes up and hop in the car to go somewhere.  We first stopped by the yard to get some of the employees off working, then stopped at the gas station to get some treats!   We got to Thatcher and stopped by Jac & Cal's to see cousins!  I love stopping by there house and the boys love Mac & Tessie.   After that we went to see Laine.  What a miracle that guy is! He is now completely released from the hospital & you would never know he was in a serious accident & in a coma.  He's awesome and are so grateful he is still here with us!  We stopped by the 2 jobs and then by Grandma Olives to say hi.  FINALLY, we were off to Apple Annie's!  It was pretty warm by the time we got there, so it didn't really feel like Autumn. 

 These next 2 pictures crack me up.  Jett is throwing a major tantrum, why?  Oh I don't know because all he does is grunt, point, or shakes his head no.  He ended up running a little further, so I walked the opposite way and he realized he didn't want to be left alone.  So he let me come after him, hug him, and pick him up. 

 And last night we carved the pumpkins!  Lance did the scary face and I carved "Wicked" into mine!
And now we have tons of roasted pumpkin seeds!

Here is another sneak peek at our new house!
We are hoping to be in by next week!
They're finishing the stain on the floor today.  Carpet tomorrow.  Baseboard Friday.  I'm cleaning it Saturday, along with Lance putting in the appliances.  And the painters & drywall will have a punch list to fix.  Finish up the loan & we are IN! Yay!
PS. I have no idea why the walls look so 2 toned.  The actual color is the grey-ish beige color under the bar.

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Hyder Ali said...

So good to hear Laine is okay! Love the pics of Apple Annie's.

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