Tuesday, May 1, 2012


These boys are silly. Brody is growing up so big and so is his personality.  I'm grateful for his ability to now reason, talk, and understand.  He's a moody one, but when he's happy...he's silly! 

Brody's favorite tv show is Team Umizoomi.  We only get like 1 episode a day, so Brody asks all day until it's on.  He loves to do arts & crafts and is really good at using glue. 
His crack is always showing.  Brody was blessed with a thin/no hips structure and a high crack from my family.  He seriously can't keep his pants up and we just had to go up a size (4T) because the size smaller are high waters on him.  Which makes the problem worse.
He is a curious one.  One morning I walked in the kitchen to make Jett some toast, and found this in the toaster.  I don't know if he put it in there & I accidentally toasted it or if he did.  He told me he put it in though and that scared me enough. I know he did it out of pure curiosity, which I love about him, but he scares me with his smarts.
And then there is the Jetters.  Who is the sweetest, but just as curious as his brother.  The next few pictures are to explain his monkey abilities.  He loves to climb on the swing outside and then have Brody swing him.  Scares me big time!

He is silly as can be.  He is starting to talk a bit more. He says dadda, I-dadda (hi dadda or bye dadda while waving), daw (dog), mmmmmama, baba (bottle or pointing to Bobo(brody)).  He has a wicked Standage gap, Blonde blonde hair.  He claps, waves, and marches.  And is as smart and strong as his older brother.  No joke.

Most of these things he's been doing since he turned one, but I'm finally getting around to documenting them.  He knows how to open the laptop.

This is his favorite spot in the family room.  He gets in the drawer and can reach any of the buttons or climbs up by the tv to get the best view. 
He climbed on the couch, up the couch, and to the window to see daddy coming home.  I kid you not.  This is why his nickname is monkey.
Here is Jett showing off his table climbing skills.  This happens...oh about 15 times a day....and yes I've tried everything to discourage it.


Hyder Ali said...

What personalities! Can't wait to see them (and Lance & you) at the reunion!

The Seiuli's said...

Such cute boys, love them!

Anonymous said...

Get used to looking at that crack, because you'll probably be looking at it throughout his adulthood too. I know because it runs in my family - my dad, my grandpa, and now me, our butt cracks show no matter what we try and how tight our belts are. The women in our family absolutely love it (note extreme sarcasm on that last sentence).

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