Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Week

We started the week off with a little Spring Snow. I was happy with the warm sunny weather we WERE having & then all of a sudden, it got really cold & snowed. Brody loved it snowing all morning.

Then, this last weekend Becca & Scott brought their two cute girlies down to play. Brody loved having Mariah to play with. We went to Bisbee, ate yummy pizza & looked in the antique shops.
I really wanted this cute airplane for the boys room, but when the price was $250 I figure I could pass it up. Jett was a good little boy & hung out in his stroller the whole time.

On Monday, Lance was lucky to have the day off. So he got the tractor & took it out to our land to clear the brush & some trees. Him & Brody worked all morning, so Jett & I brought out some subs & ate lunch with them. Hopefully this week they will be able to prep everything for the concrete!

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Hyder Ali said...

Where are you building your house? Is it near Mike & Eloise? That is super exciting!

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