Monday, February 13, 2012

The Party

I love a good party. And even though I'm sure Jett won't even remember his party, I think it was a little for Lance & I. The first year isn't easy for me, in fact I'm not a huge fan of it. From being tired, dealing with colic, figuring out schedules, it's just not easy. But I do feel a huge accomplishment from it...& so we threw a party! We had it the day before his birthday, Saturday at the church's ramada. I think the food was a hit: Pizza, Wings, Caesar Salad, & Fruit Salad. Dessert was pudding cake. I'm sure most of you on pinterest have heard of it. I loved it because 1. it's delicious 2. it's super moist from the pudding & 3.You can be creative. We had a chocolate Oreo, vanilla Oreo & vanilla/whip cream/ strawberry combo. Here was some of pictures I got of the fun!

We had to have a pinata. Brody insisted, of course. He really wanted it to be his party.

The birthday boy loved his cake! Funfetti cake, of course.

He didn't have a hard time digging in!

We got a big game of kickball going and then we opened presents. He definitely got spoiled rotten, but that sweetheart deserves it!
I think it all turned out. I always stress in the beginning, but love it when it gets going. The boys both dropped on our way home. I could really get used to 7pm bedtime. Thank you to everyone who helped & came & spoiled our little boy! He is loving some new toys that aren't Brody's.

ps. here are the birthday boy's stats from his 12 month check up....21lbs. 25% & 30" 52%.

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