Friday, August 12, 2011


Another month down...

We went to the Dr. today for his 6 month check up

And the stats are...

Length- 27.3" 81%

Weight- 16.13lbs. 38%

Head- 50%

This little boy is a sweetheart. He may not be the cuddle bug that I want, but he has the cutest and most innocent smile.

(this is the best he has sat up, I think he was showing off)

He's growing so big. He is very strong, which he'll need to wrestle with his big brother.

Jett is...
Sitting with some assistance
Army crawling everywhere (8/4)
Eating baby food-
Loves-Sweet potatoes, Peas, Carrots
Not so sure about- Bananas and applesauce
Dislikes- Rice cereal (I force it with a bottle)
Doesn't love the spoon, he'd rather feed himself
Adores his brother, who can make his laugh so hard
Teething BIG time! It's making everything hard especially sleeping!

Here's Jett's trick, It's SO funny- and he knows it!

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