Tuesday, January 25, 2011

37 Weeks

Today has been quite a day. Lance and I went to my appointment this morning only to sit in the waiting room for 45 min. and then have to reschedule for later that afternoon. We returned this afternoon, after I did some hair, just to sit for another 30 min. My Dr. had been back and forth from the hospital all day, but wanted me to stay and get my ultra-sound done. He wanted to make sure that I wasn't hiding a giant baby in my stomach. Well, he is measuring right on spot about 6lbs. 10oz...so no hopes for being induced early, but I have a very healthy, very active boy. Gratitude. Well, I asked for some pictures because down here in Sierra Vista- we really don't get pictures, I know lame-o. It was so fun to see our boy- it was hard to see his face, he is SO low, but he definitely has the same pouty lips like Brody! So, Dr. H gives us the pictures, asks if we have questions, and is on his way. Lance and I take a look at the pictures and just start laughing...ok I may have cried a bit. They were the worst pictures EVER! My sweet, cute baby boy looks like...a dinosaur. I kid you not. So I'm not even going to post them. haha.

I'm curious to see what everyone thinks, so put your guesses in...
1. What are we going to name this boy? Dexter, Jett, or Chandler
2. What day and time will he be born?
3. What will his weight and length be?


Amy said...

Chandler mcrae Clawson. Born feb. 8th, 8 lbs 2oz

Natalie and Trent said...

1. Dexter
2. February 9, 12:03pm
3. 7 lbs 13 oz 20"

How fun! Hope you are finding patience somewhere; I know I'm struggling! haha

The Bodily Family said...

Dave's guess
Name: Tristan
Date & Time: Feb. 12th @ 11:59 pm
Weight & Length: 9 lbs 1 oz, 28 in

Holly's guess
Name: Jett
Date & Time: Feb 5th @ 8:30 pm
Weight & Lenght: 7 lbs 13 oz, 20 in

Angie Milne said...

i like Jett! so cute!

Spencer and Marlee said...

Sounds like a long day at the Dr. office. Bummer about the pictures! It's fun to get pictures of your baby. I guess we have been lucky and got pictures every time we have an ultra sound.
As far as my guesses go...
I think he will be born the morning of your due date
8 lbs 19 inches

linda said...

Feb10th 6pm
8lbs 5oz

The standage family said...

This is your mom, Can you believe it? I don't blog. But I have to put in a guess.

February 17, 2011
11:34 am
8lb 6 oz
20 inches

The standage family said...

Hi Chelsea, it's mom again. I have commented once, but I don't think it worked. I'm trying again. Can you tell this is the first time I have done this.

February 17
11:34 am
8lbs 4oz
20 inches

Taralynn and Kory said...

love all of the names, but i'm going to guess jett.
february 8th 9:42 pm
7lbs 6oz
22 inches

The Seiuli's said...

Feb 10
7lbs 10 oz
19.75 in

I'm so excited to see him whenever he arrives. :)

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