Sunday, April 4, 2010

Death By OJ

Last Wednesday Lance took my dumb cell phone to see what was wrong with it. He ended up coming back with a new, nicer one! I loved it! The next day we left for Mesa, which is where we are right now! Anywho, yesterday, as the 2nd session of General Conference started, we left Brody playing in the other room, and watched quietly (maybe too quiet that I might have dozed off...) After a while B came in wet from top to bottom in Orange Juice. Little stinker decided to paint the kitchen table with OJ! So we got him all cleaned up and ready for a nap. The guys left for priesthood, and I went to check my messages on my phone. I left my phone on the table, I swear! Not in my purse, not in the diaper bag, not in the toys Brod was playing with. 4 of us girls search for the whole two hours, while the guys were gone. Notta. As Lance and I were trying to retrace my steps for the 10th time. It hit me, THE ORANGE JUICE!!!! I opened the fridge, pulled the pitcher out...and shoved my hand in...there it was my brand new phone!!! gah.
I'm trying to dry it out in rice...cause that's what google told me to do. Any more suggestions would be nice!
But if you have tried to call me...sorry you can't. Call Lance's cell, or call my momma's house.


Chocolate Sundaes said...

haha I'm sorry! That is hilarious though. Boys are always getting into trouble aren't they? I hope your phone still works..hopefully they'll replace it if not.

Amy said...

Just when you think you've seen it all!

小研 said...
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Mama Mote said...

I used a blow dryer on low after pulling it apart. Seemed to work. That was a long time ago.

JasonandRachel said...

Bahaha.... I read that to my husband and he laughed really hard! lol... kids are great! My kid did something pretty similar. Whenever his squirt guns run out of water in the pool, he throws them in for us to fill up, and says "there's my squirtgun" so Jason and I were swimming while wyatt was playing with the hose and then we hear a plop in the water and wyatt says "Mommy... there's your phone!" and then like 3 seconds later, it clicked that he didn't say "squirt gun" that time.. I looked over and my phone was at the bottom of the pool.... I now have a different phone! lol... kids!

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