Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little Late, But Still 18 Months

I think it's about time for an update on this little kiddo!
Brody is a little over 18 months and finally in nursery. He wasn't happy the first time he went (which we were really shocked by). But by the second week, he was happy to play! PS. this is a major picture overload, but pictures are our favorite part right?

Here is Brody picking up rocks...he has loved rocks since I don't know how long. He fills his pockets and his dump truck and car with them. Oh, and don't mind the drool, this is an often occurrence....he was teething at the time (thank goodness they came finally through!)

He is such a funny boy. It has been a full week with out his binky. Pacifiers are good and bad at the same time. I just hate the look of a 2 year old with a binky. But he has done really good, and because of it, has learned a ton of new words and talking ALL the time. And we love it.

Don't you love how the banks gives you suckers...I swear they are back there laughing when they hand you a blue raspberry flavor, and your child is screaming for it. Don't come to our house in the middle of the afternoon, because this is how Brody usually looks- sticky, booger nose, messy hair, and dirty from head to toe!

Brody is into everything. Which a couple months ago I didn't mind. But he is a lot faster now. Well, he decided he wanted some pretzels (that I JUST opened). He pulled the bag off he couch, and dumped the whole thing. I'm glad that Lance and I just laughed and got a picture of it.

Brody loves to eat to the table now. So we've put his highchair tray away, and scoot his chair up to the table. Well, this day, he was very upset I put it away. He got it back out, sat on it, and put his cup on it. And when he was ready to eat, he had me put his food on the tray. Silly Boy!

Time outs have become a daily....hourly occurrence. The first couple of days he thought it was funny. But I think he's getting it now, it's not fun. Thank goodness he hasn't figured out that he can climb down, because he screams his head off! But it's so cute when I come talk to him after. He gives me a big hug and kiss, holds his hands out and says "peeze, peeze."

I have been in a major Spring Cleaning mode, with my energy back. And Brody has been a huge help...haha.

We love him to death. He has become a big daddy's boy. He watches for daddy to come home, and gives him huge hugs and kisses. I know Lance loves it even more than me. Brody was the biggest momma's boy, and finally in the last month or so, he wants to hang out with his dad. We love this boy SO much!

Here's a quick video of Brod. Please don't listen to my voice, But I couldn't help it- Brody is such a cutie! Oh and sorry it's sideways- I always forget about that.


Amy said...

You're right, pictures are great! His little voice is so cute. It's crazy how fast these little guys are growing!

Kacey's View said...

hes soooo cute! He looks like a Standage in the pretzel pic. Definitely call me next time you're in town. And thanks so much for helping Lauren with the shower. I'm so excited!!

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